Bronson Reed Knows Everyone Loves His Meat

Bronson Reed on WWE Raw

On the April 10th episode of WWE Raw, Bronson Reed took on a very p*ssed-off Bobby Lashley.

The former World Champion had missed out on a match at WrestleMania 39 through no fault of his own and is determined to make the WWE roster pay.

On Raw, the big meaty men slapped all of the meat. In fact, they slapped so much meat that reinforcements had to be brought in to control it. During their match, Reed and Lashley simply took to beating the hell out of each other and the small matter of a ten count from the referee wasn’t going to stop them.

After the final bell, the pair continued to brawl at ringside before eventually being separated by a number of referees and officials that swarmed the scene.

During an appearance on The Bump, Reed pointed out that fans seemed to enjoy watching all of that meet get slammed to the mat. A point he later hammered home on Twitter.

“It’s evident… everyone loves my MEAT”

It’s official: Everyone the world over loves Bronson Reed’s meat.

Bronson Reed Continues Dominant Run

Bronson Reed originally signed for WWE in 2019. The Australian star found success in NXT winning the North American Championship, although his expected call-up to the main roster never came. Reed was released in August 2021 and went on to impress with New Japan Pro-Wrestling and IMPACT Wrestling before re-signing with WWE in December 2022.

Since returning to WWE, Reed has been in impressive form and is yet to taste defeat in singles action.