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Bronson Reed Claims WWE No Longer The Pinnacle Of The Sport

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Former NXT Superstar Bronson Reed has suggested that WWE is no longer the “be all and end all” of professional wrestling.

Reed made the comments on episode one of his new podcast, JONAHDROME Show. During the episode, the Aussie star, who was released by WWE in August, said that he was in talks about a return to the ring. Reed’s final appearance for NXT came in July against now AEW star, Adam Cole.

Addressing his future, Reed said that he couldn’t say too much, but he would be back.

“I am in talks with people, I cannot tell you what, but I will be wrestling again. You will see me again,”

Reed was among a number of NXT Superstars who were released on August 6th. Following the releases it was reported that NXT were heading for major changes. The results of those changes are coming to fruition with the launch of NXT 2.0.

WWE’s third brand has received a new logo, new theme music and a new set. While it has also been reported that the company will no longer be signing wrestlers from the independent scene.

Reflecting on the changes, Reed said that he wasn’t a fan of the changes, adding that WWE were no longer the “be all and end all” of professional wrestling.

“I’m not the biggest fan of the direction that I have heard they are going in with not actively seeking Independent wrestlers, only because I am a journeyman wrestler. I have nothing against the great athletes there that they have signed and will sign. It’s nothing that they’ve done. It’s the business itself. Someone like me that has loved (wrestling) his whole life, of course, I want to end up at the pinnacle of the sport. For a long time, everyone has thought that WWE is the be all, end all, but I don’t think it is anymore. More and more talent are realizing that there are other places to go. Other places where my talent will be more utilized.”

Bronson Reed signed with WWE in January 2019. During his time on WWE’s third brand, Reed won the NXT North American Championship.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.