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Bronson Rechsteiner Reportedly Being “Heavily Praised” Backstage

Bronson Rechsteiner

While Bronson Rechsteiner might not be a household name right now, that could be about to change.

The son of Rick Steiner and nephew of Scott Steiner has reportedly been “heavily praised” by those backstage in WWE. Writing in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer notes that Rechsteiner, along with the Kasper Brothers and Bobby Steveson have been praised for their conditioning, attitude and how well they’ve picked things up.

“People are heavily praising the potential of the “real athletes” in camp right now, notably Bronson Rechsteiner, the son of Rick Steiner, and the Kasper Brothers, who were great college wrestlers, as well as Bobby Steveson, the older brother of Gable Steveson. Bobby Steveson is supposed to start officially on the roster at the next camp. But all were praised for how well they were picking things up, conditioning and attitude. Parker Boudreaux, who has a lot of attention due to his similarities physically with Brock Lesnar, was distinctly not mentioned as being in the same category as the others.”

Rechsteiner signed with WWE in February 2021 after impressing during a try-out at the tail end of the previous year. The second generation star-to-be, joined the company as part of the largest ever Performance Center Class. The group included the likes of Parker Boudreaux, Priscilla Kelly and Christian Hubble who recently debuted on NXT as Trey Baxter.

While Bronson Rechsteiner will be aiming to carve out his own career in professional wrestling, he also has a lengthy legacy to live up to, with Scott and Rick widely recognised as one of greatest tag teams in history.

Not only that, Scott has enjoyed substantial success as a singles star, winning multiple world championships.