Rick Steiner’s Son ‘Coming In The Door’ – According To Triple H

Rick Steiner

‘The Game’ Triple H has dropped a major hint that Bronson Rechsteiner, the son of ‘The Dog Faced Gremlin’ Rick Steiner, is incoming to the WWE Performance Center.

During the February 11, 2021, pre-NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day Media Call, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ was questioned about the influx of new stars and more prominently the Brock Lesnar lookalike, Parker Boudreaux.

In an attempt to steer the question away from the man who has already been handpicked by fans as ‘The Next Big Thing’, Helmsley evolved his answer to include the names of several people who had signed with the company and noted who we could expect to see in the very near future. One such name was the offspring of former WWF Tag Team Champion Rick Steiner:

“I’m incredibly excited about Parker Boudreaux coming in, Bronson Rechsteiner – we have a lot of people coming in the door – just as I am about people who have been here for a while like Rick Bugez. A lot of people who are in the door, at the cusp. When I say the future is bright, that is what I’m talking about.”

Bronson Rechsteiner underwent at WWE try-out in November 2020 and was said to have impressed after leaving his NFL career behind him, playing for the Baltimore Ravens until the team waived the undrafted rookie in 2020.

With his family lineage in sports entertainment, Bronson had previously told Sports Illustrated professional wrestling was an avenue he would be interested in and even stepped into the squared circle in October 2020 at AWF/WOW WrestleJam 8 against Jamie Hall, defeating him with his uncle’s Steiner Recliner.

Credit for the interview: WWE