Bron Breakker Comments On What He Learnt Working With JD McDonagh

Bron Breakker NXT Champion

Bron Breakker has recently rained praise down on his heel counterpart JD McDonagh, giving the “Irish Ace” credit for helping him progress in the world of sports entertainment.

This past Saturday at WWE‘s NXT Halloween Havoc Premium Live Event, Breakker would combat McDonagh in a Triple Threat Match, along with Ilja Dragunov, for the NXT Championship where he would retain. Back in the summer, Breakker had another heated rivalry with McDonagh, defeating him at NXT Heatwave to hold on to his championship then as well.

Bron Breakker Says JD McDonagh Has Helped Him Improve

Recently making an appearance on “The Black Announce Table” for an interview prior to NXT Halloween Havoc, Bron Breakker spoke about both JD McDonagh and Ilja Dragunov, and pointed out how McDonagh in particular has helped him progress when it comes to being a sports entertainer.

“Ilja’s a fantastic performer. JD’s a fantastic performer. JD McDonagh has made me better. He’s made me a better sports entertainer and made me sharper. I think he’s a great performer. Both of them are great.”

After praising McDonagh, Bron Breakker went on to talk about other talent that he’s worked with during his time in NXT, saying he enjoyed working with a lot of different veterans. He would also talk about past rivalries that he’s been involved in as well, specifically talking about Tommaso Ciampa and the teachings that he’s gained from him.

“I’ve enjoyed all these guys I’ve had the chance to work with. Tommaso Ciampa, I was with him for a long time. I think a lot of credit goes to him, man. I was so brand new, I’d had like three matches, I don’t even know, two matches, whatever it was, before I thrown in with him. He took me along, and I was with him for months, and he was so fantastic to work with. Dolph Ziggler, that was such a pleasure to work with him and Bobby Roode. Joe Gacy’s fantastic as well. Tyler Bate is phenomenal.”

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