Bron Breakker Reclaims NXT Championship

Bron Breakker celebrates winning NXT Championship

Bron Breakker is now a two-time NXT Champion after defeating Dolph Ziggler on Monday Night Raw.

At NXT Stand & Deliver on April 2nd, Bron Breakker and Dolph Ziggler met in the main event for the NXT Championship. Ziggler had shockingly won the title back at Roadblock defeating former champion Breakker and Tommaso Ciampa in a Triple Threat Match.

Despite his best efforts, at Stand & Deliver, it was again Ziggler who emerged victorious, using his extensive experience to his advantage. But while Ziggler may have won the battle, he was destined not to win the war.

Ziggler slapped the second generation star before the match began, which served only to fire up the challenger. Breakker started quickly hitting a big suplex early on, before Ziggler came back, again using his vast experience advantage.

The momentum swung back and forth, but Robert Roode got up on the apron to try and help his partner. However, things didn’t end well for Roode, as Breakker launched himself over the top rope, taking him out.

Back in the ring, Ziggler raked Breakker’s eyes and hit the Superkick, but the challenger kicked out. Bron Breakker hit a Spear and followed it up with his Military Press Slam to score the win.

Elsewhere on the show, Cody Rhodes made his own return to Monday Night Raw declaring his intention to win the WWE Championship in honour of his father the American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

The episode also saw the shock re-emergence of Elias. The former NXT Superstar interrupted Kevin Owens, coming to the ring with a completely new look, claiming to now be called Ezekiel, Elias’ younger brother.

Meanwhile, Veer Mahaan finally made his debut on the red brand attacking Rey and Dominik Mysterio.