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Bron Breakker Pushed Off Stage By Next Contender On NXT 2.0 [Video]

Bron Breakker

Bron Breakker knows who he’s facing at NXT Spring Breakin’, and it’s the man who threw him off a stage to close out NXT 2.0!

Joe Gacy has been taunting Bron Breakker for weeks, beginning when he revealed that he’d kidnapped Bron’s father Rick Steiner on the April 5th episode of NXT 2.0. The next week, Steiner was said to be home safe, but Gacy again taunted his son by burning the legend’s WWE Hall of Fame ring before putting it back on his own finger.

Things escalated once again on the April 19th episode when an angry Breakker made his way to the ring to call out Gacy, interrupting a tag team brawl that had opened the show. As Bron demanded answers, Gacy appeared on the screen and said that he wasn’t a hard man to find before beginning a maniacal laugh and splitting his image into many laughing faces.

Breakker spent the rest of the episode looking for Gacy, and during his search, he came across the cage where his father had been kept. An audio recording of Rick Steiner and Joe Gacy was playing on repeat, the very same audio from the segment where it was revealed the legend had been kidnapped.

Later on, Bron’s quest brought him to a creepy room full of mirrors, but again Joe Gacy was nowhere to be found.

The main event of the show saw Pretty Deadly retain their NXT Tag Team Championships over the newly aligned Dexter Lumis and Duke Hudson, and after the match was over, the lights went out. Joe Gacy appeared up on a platform and once again said that he wasn’t a hard man to find, which led Bron Breakker to confront him face to face.

Joe Gacy said that if Breakker wanted his father’s WWE Hall of Fame ring back all he had to do was ask – but he also had to agree to face Gacy at NXT Spring Breakin’ in two weeks with the NXT Championship on the line. Breakker agreed, and Gacy put the ring in the pocket of the champion’s vest.

However, Joe Gacy had one last surprise, and said that Breakker needed to take a “leap of faith.” With that, he pushed the champion off the stage to the floor below, where Bron Breakker was soon enveloped by a group of figures shrouded in black as Gacy looked on to end the show.


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