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“Bron Breakker Is A Future WWE Champion” Says Jinder Mahal

Bron Breakker Jinder Mahal

Bron Breakker has taken NXT 2.0 by storm over the past few weeks, and he’s definitely caught the eye of Jinder Mahal.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy ahead of WWE Glasgow, Mahal tipped Breakker, the son of Rick Steiner, for the very top – as well as naming another NXT star who he thinks has everything.

NXT 2.0 just got revamped. There’s Bron Breakker. You know, that’s a future WWE Champion, I believe. LA Knight, blown away by him. This guy has everything, the look, the charisma, in-ring, everything. This guy could be WWE Champion. So I think the next generation is already coming.”

Meanwhile, Inside The Ropes’ own Kenny McIntosh also spoke with Drew McIntyre about the new crop of NXT talent and discussed who caught his eye, and there was a recurring theme.

“Yeah, I was watching the first show and live tweeting along as I was paying close attention and was curious how the new format would look, and I saw some talents that really caught my eye… Steiner’s kid, Bron Breakker, he caught my attention right away. He was like clearly an athlete of a high level. He looks great. Talks like his uncle, which is awesome. I see a big future for him if he stays on the right path, keeps working hard like he’s clearly doing.

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