Brody King Fires Shot At Edge & Damian Priest

Edge Damian Priest

AEW star Brody King has fired a shot across the wrestling divide after making a very public disparaging remark about Edge and Damian Priest’s new team.

At WrestleMania 38 Edge faced AJ Styles as The Rated-R Superstar embraced his dark side once again in WWE. With the WWE Hall Of Famer staring defeat in the face, Styles went to the outside to set up for his Phenomenal Forearm. However, the former WWE Champion was distracted by a lurking Damian Priest and his hesitation allowed Edge to hit him with a huge mid-air spear for the victory.

Fans didn’t have to wait long to find out what the situation between Priest and Edge was as the two men kneeled together before laughing and posing together to signify their new alliance.

On Raw, Edge introduced his new charge, calling Priest “the punishment of the guilty” harkening back to Priest’s pre-WWE moniker of Punishment Martinez.

WWE On FOX on social media took used a photo of Edge and Damian Priest together on Raw, inviting fans to “name this duo.” AEW’s Brody King took that opportunity to give his scathing thoughts on the duo and sees something of a similarity to his, Buddy Matthews, and Malakai Black’s House Of Black group as he wrote:

When you order House of Black on

The Ultimate Opportunist may soon have more WWE Superstars joining his new faction with former Raw and NXT Champions rumoured to be rounding out the group.