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Brodie Lee Wasn’t Originally Booked To Be TNT Champion

Brodie Lee TNT Champion

Brodie Lee says he wasn’t originally meant to win the TNT Championship when his feud with Cody began, as he revealed in an interview on the AEW Unrestricted podcast.

On his title win, Lee stated:

“I believe that the original plan was for me to not become TNT Champion. I don’t know much, I’m not privy into the ins and outs, the nuts and bolts of it all, probably because I don’t want to be because if I have a thought in my head, I’ll quickly become married to it and then if something changes, I go insane. I try not to know too much and I kind of just live in the moment. I learned my lesson the hard way over many, many years, so I try to stay level-headed and not get too much information and receive things as they are presented to me.”

On when he found out he was booked to win the belt, Lee added:

“The match itself was presented to me like a week or two before it even happened, so I just wanted to train and look the part and do whatever is asked of me.”

The former WWE Superstar, squashed Cody to win the TNT Championship, on the August 22 Dynamite, whilst Cody disappeared to film a role on the television series, Heels. Cody’s filming commitments may have led to the decision to make Lee champion. Lee dropped the belt back to the ‘American Nightmare’ on the October 7 Dynamite.

Lee’s reign as champion may have been brief but perhaps the leader of the Dark Order will get another shot at the belt, as his feud with Cody is definitely worthy of a rubber match.

You can catch Lee in action each Wednesday night on AEW Dynamite.