Brock Lesnar Turned Down WWE WrestleMania 39 Match With Bray Wyatt

Brock Lesnar Bray Wyatt

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, it was confirmed that Brock Lesnar will be accepting the challenge laid out by MVP to face Omos at WrestleMania 39, though numerous other matches were pitched for The Beast Incarnate before this plan was put into place.

Though Omos himself didn’t appear in the segment, Lesnar was a guest in the MVP Lounge on the February 27th episode of Raw, confronting MVP about the challenge he and Omos had laid out the week before.

After Lesnar agreed to face Omos in Los Angeles, he told MVP that they should celebrate with a drink. While MVP wanted to toast with champagne, Lesnar had something different in mind and produced a flask, saying that it contained “white lightning,” another name for moonshine. The booze proved too strong for MVP, who spit it out into Lesnar’s face. Enraged, Brock Lesnar delivered a brutal F5 to the former United States Champion.

Numerous Names Were Pitched For Brock Lesnar’s WrestleMania 39 Match, Including Bray Wyatt

Fans were underwhelmed when the Lesnar vs. Omos WrestleMania match was made official on Monday, especially after previous reports indicated other big name opponents for The Beast Incarnate could be in the works. Back in January, reports emerged that Stone Cold Steve Austin had been offered a bout with Lesnar, but that Austin turned down the match. Reports also noted a pitch for Lesnar to face GUNTHER, though that plan wasn’t in place for long.

There was also speculation about him renewing his rivalry with Bobby Lashley, who will be facing Bray Wyatt on the Grandest Stage of Them All. According to a new report from Fightful Select, there was a pitch at some point for Lesnar to face Wyatt instead. While Fightful could not confirm when this pitch was made, the report notes that the plan was being discussed as recently as just before the Elimination Chamber.

On February 17th, Bray Wyatt appeared on SmackDown and declared that he wanted to face the winner of the bout between Lesnar and Bobby Lashley at the Elimination Chamber the next night. Their bout came to an abrupt halt within minutes when Lesnar was disqualified after hitting Lashley with a low blow as he was unable to escape a Hurt Lock after countering the move earlier in the match. Because Brock was disqualified, Lashley was declared the winner, and will go on to face Wyatt at WrestleMania.

While no specific details were available, sources indicated to Fightful that Lesnar himself nixed the idea of facing Wyatt.

The report also noted that a backup plan is in place for the Lesnar vs. Omos match, though this backup has not been factored into creative.