Brock Lesnar Takes Out Omos With A Giant F-5

Brock Lesnar

Despite being the physical underdog, Brock Lesnar again reigned supreme at WrestleMania with a win over Omos.

Lesnar spent much of the match being utterly dominated by Omos as the Nigerian Giant threw The Beast around the ring at will. However, following a series of slams and bear hugs, Lesnar fought back to deliver three signature German Suplexes.

Sensing an opportunity, the former World Champion went for the F-5, but his back gave out. But not to be defeated Lesnar countered Omos and got the star into the air again, this time delivering his famous finishing move.

Not The First Time Brock Lesnar Has Opened WrestleMania

Although Brock Lesnar is more used to competing in WrestleMania main events, WrestleMania 39 wasn’t the first time that he’s opened the show.

At WrestleMania 35, Lesnar squared off against Seth Rollins and the match surprisingly kicked off the event after Paul Heyman interrupted hosts Hulk Hogan and Alexa Bliss.

After being attacked by Lesnar as soon as he made his entrance, Rollins countered an F-5, and Lesnar bumped into the referee. Sensing an opportunity, Rollins hit a low blow and a Curb Stomp to grab the win.

Incredibly it was revealed back in March that the match went on first because Lesnar wanted to go home early. Former WWE writer Dave Schilling noted on social media that Lesnar had no interest in sticking around all night so got the match order changed.