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Brock Lesnar Indefinitely Suspended On WWE SmackDown

Brock Lesnar hits an F5 on Adam Pearce

Brock Lesnar has been indefinitely suspended following a chaotic opening the October 22nd edition of Friday Night SmackDown!

The most recent episode of SmackDown opened with complete and utter carnage.

Universal Champion Roman Reigns initially headed to the ring with his Special Counsel Paul Heyman.

Reigns began by questioning Heyman’s loyalty before running down a list of all of the Superstars he’s beaten since WrestleMania, even name dropping Daniel Bryan. At this point, Reigns turned his attention to Brock Lesnar. The Tribal Chief got Heyman to read out some quotes from Lesnar which said that he would take out Reigns as soon as he arrived on SmackDown after losing in controversial circumstances the night before.

Reigns waited and the crowd chanted but Lesnar didn’t arrive. But just before the champion was about to leave, Lesnar’s music hit and he got straight to business.

Lesnar attacked Reigns, smashing him in the face with the steel steps. He then began setting up the announce table to deliver an F-5 but was thwarted by The Usos.

Although the Tag Team Champions proved to be only a fleeting distraction. The Beast threw the two brothers around the ringside area, before attacking a camera man and WWE personnel who had come to try and calm the situation.

Multiple Superstars ran down to stop Lesnar but the wild brawl continued with bodies flying everywhere. After the break, Adam Pearce cut a promo explaining that Brock Lesnar was indefinitely suspended. It was news that the former Universal Champion took especially badly. Lesnar returned to the ring, delivering two F-5’s, ripping Pearce’s trousers in the process before leaving.

At Crown Jewel Roman Reigns retained his Universal Championship by defeating Brock Lesnar but it was far from straightforward. The two men went to war over SmackDown’s top championship before the match broke down entirely.

Referee Charles Robinson was knocked down, as a result a Lesnar pin on Reigns was missed before Paul Heyman slid the Universal Title belt into the ring between the two stars. A literal tug-of-war ensued with Lesnar winning out, before The Usos ran in to level him with dual Superkicks. This left the door open for Reigns to hit his rival with the belt with a second referee running in to count the pin that followed.