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Brock Lesnar Recalls Steve Austin Walking Out On WWE In 2002

Brock Lesnar & Stone Cold Steve Austin

Brock Lesnar has commented on Steve Austin famously walking out of WWE in 2002 instead of facing him on an episode of Monday Night Raw.

In the spring of 2002, all was not well with the Texas Rattlesnake. Coming off an underwhelming feud and WrestleMania match with Scott Hall, Steve Austin’s place within WWE was very much uncertain. To the extent that he was openly critical of WWE and their creative plans for him heading into the rest of the year.

Things came to a head when Austin was scheduled to face and be beaten by a young Brock Lesnar in a King of the Ring qualifying match on Raw.

Austin was critical of the move, pointing to the match having little or no promotion. At this, he famously “took his ball and went home.” With Austin gone, he was disparaged on-air with The Rock appearing on Raw ahead of King of the Ring to cut a promo on the absent star for walking out.

Although Lesnar and Austin eventually worked together at WrestleMania 20 where the Hall of Famer appeared as a special guest referee, the pair never met in the ring.

Speaking on the Pat McAfee Show, Lesnar commented on Austin walking out back in 2002, saying it was probably the right decision.

“I understand from a business aspect at the time, Steve left and didn’t want to work with me. It was probably the right decision for him at the time. I don’t hold a grudge against it at all. Business is business. I had a lot of good mentors coming up in the business,”

Stone Cold Steve Austin is currently back in the news in a big way with reports linking him to a stunning in-ring return. It has been noted that WWE have made a “significant overture” to the star in an effort to get him to lace up his boots for the first time in 19 years.

It has also been claimed that a potential showdown with Kevin Owens has been discussed for WrestleMania 38.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.