Brock Lesnar Spot “Rougher & Harder” Than Planned

Brock Lesnar rams ring with tractor

Many objects have been used in WWE history from tables to Zambonis and now a report has given an update on Brock Lesnar and his weapon of choice – a tractor.

At SummerSlam Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns went to war one more time, and according to advertising for the event one last time, for the Unified WWE Universal Championship. Over 40,000 fans packed into Nashville’s Nissan Stadium to see the two stars tear each other apart in a Last Man Standing match.

While Roman Reigns can always count on The Usos for help, Brock Lesnar clearly took The Tribal Chief’s words about sending Lesnar back to the farm to heart, as he brought his own equaliser in the form of a front loading tractor.

At one point during the match, Lesnar placed Reigns in the front loader, hoisting The Tribal Chief in the air before unceremoniously dumping him in the ring. But more chaos was to come.

Late in the match, Brock Lesnar took to the tractor once again ad drove it into the ring, shifting it clear across the stadium floor. Lesnar then re-adjusted and lifted the ring from the corner high into the air, sending Roman Reigns tumbling from the corner all the way to the outside.

Now PWInsider has reported that the spot was rougher and harder than previously planned. The report says a rehearsal for the spot took place the day before SummerSlam with a member of the production team filling in for Brock Lesnar to lift the ring.