Brock Lesnar Slammed Brother Through China Cabinet In Wild Brawl At Childhood Home

Brock Lesnar WWE Champion

Brock Lesnar likes to fight. Whether that’s inside the octagon, a WWE ring or in his younger days with family and friends. Even though his is six years younger than his brothers, he was still ready to throw hands when the situation called for it.

During an appearance on The Pat McAfee Show back in February, Lesnar detailed his love of an old-fashioned fist fight. In particular, The Beast recalled one particular skirmish with his brother that saw him smash his elder sibling through a China cabinet.

Brock Lesnar Grew Up Fighting

“I was fighting as a kid. The local people from Webster, South Dakota will tell you the Lesnar family were fighters. I was six years younger than my two older brothers who were getting out of jail on Monday mornings and going to school because of street fights. I grew up with that stigma. We went to street dances, I went there to fight. That’s what we did. That’s what I did, anyway. Then it was girls and have a couple of drinks.

My mom said, ‘You have to make some money with this stuff.’ It put my mom and dad through hell. We were fighting all the time. My brothers were fighting and it was World War 3. I fought my older brothers, put them through kitchen tables when I finally grew up and had enough of their shit. I was probably 18. I put my brother through the China cabinet. My mom and dad just cracked a beer as was, ‘ah, this needed to happen.”

During the conversation Lesnar also opened up about his legacy in the ring. In typically Brock Lesnar fashion the former Universal Champion said that he didn’t care whether he gets inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame or not. The star said that he was more interested in being a good dad and a good person, rather than being seen as a good wrestler.

Brock Lesnar was most recently in action at WWE Crown Jewel 2022 where he defeated Bobby Lashley. It is unclear when the star will be retuning to the ring.

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