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Report Claims Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns Clash Will Be “Title vs Title”

Roman Reigns Brock Lesnar Day 1

It has been reported that the showdown between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 38 will be “Title vs Title.”

With the Royal Rumble firmly in WWE’s rear-view mirror, the company is now firmly on the “Road to WrestleMania.” Traditionally it’s a road paved with rumour and speculation and 2022 is proving to be no different.

It has long been suggested that the two-night affair in Texas will be headlined by the blockbuster clash between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. The pair met at Crown Jewel in October 2021 where Reigns barely escaped with the Universal Title setting up a rematch at Day 1. However, the proposed clash was scrapped after Reigns tested positive for COVID-19.

After winning the WWE Championship at Day 1, Brock Lesnar appeared on SmackDown to confront Reigns challenging him for a “Title vs Title” match. At the Royal Rumble, Lesnar lost the WWE Title to Big E, but on the following episode of Raw, was entered into the upcoming Elimination Chamber match where he will attempt to regain the gold. The Beast has also confirmed he will challenge Reigns at WrestleMania 38 for the Universal Title.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer reports that current plans will see both the WWE and Universal Titles on the line when the pair lock horns at WrestleMania.

“Lesnar said he wants to make WrestleMania a title vs. title match. We do know the original plan was for this not to happen, but plans change so frequently. The idea is also to book Reigns and Lesnar as strong as possible with the idea that the Mania match is the two top stars who are well above everyone else and the Mania main event is a dream match. It’s felt it’s needed since they’ve wrestled before, including at the last Saudi Arabia show (that Reigns won) and were planned to wrestle in Atlanta on 1/1.

At this point, the feeling on creative is that Vince will make the call to go with title vs. title, hence putting Lesnar in the chamber. There were those internally including Heyman and Lesnar pushing for it. The only thing we were told is that at press time the course to WrestleMania is once again set regarding both titles and there are a number of twists and turns to come. It’ll all play out at Elimination Chamber most likely.

The feeling internally was Vince was leaning in the direction of title vs. title, which would mean the originally planned WWE title match, whatever it would have been, is now off.”

On Raw it was also confirmed that Lesnar and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley will share the Elimination Chamber with Riddle, AJ Styles, Austin Theory and Seth Freakin’ Rollins.

Meanwhile, women’s Royal Rumble winner Ronda Rousey has pledged to reveal who she will face at WrestleMania 38 on the February 4th episode of SmackDown.