Brock Lesnar’s Raw Return Leads To Shocking Title Change

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar shocked the world with his return on Monday Night Raw and caused a major title change!

On what is being hailed as the season premiere of Monday Night Raw, United States Champion Bobby Lashley was set to defend his title in a rematch against Seth Rollins.

However, after Lashley made his entrance for the match, the Brooklyn crowd was shocked to hear the sounds of Brock Lesnar’s theme tune resounding throughout the arena as the Beast Incarnate made his return to the company for the first time since losing to Roman Reigns in a Last Man Standing match at SummerSlam that not only saw interference from The Bloodline and Austin Theory, but also saw Lesnar tip the ring on its side using a forklift.

Lesnar made his way to the ring and greeted Lashley, saying “Good evening, Bobby Lashley.” He then picked up the United States Champion and delivered multiple F5‘s before locking in the Kimura, leaving Lashley writhing in pain.

Following a commercial break, medical staff was seen evaluating Lashley as Seth Rollins finally made his entrance, himself showing signs of damage as his ribs were taped up following his Fight Pit match against Matt Riddle at Extreme Rules two days prior. Rollins demanded that the injured Lashely face him for the title right then and there, saying that if he refused, he was a disgrace to the title and a disgrace to the country.

Rollins’ goading worked, and despite his injuries, Lashley agreed to enter the ring and start the match. Rollins hit him with a Pedigree immediately, but Lashley was able to kick out.

Though he put up a valiant effort, in the end, Lashley’s arm injury prevented him from putting the Hurt Lock onto Rollins, and he eventually fell victim to multiple Stomps, allowing Rollins to pick up the pinfall victory and become the new United States Champion.

Lashley called out Lesnar after the match, demanding that he come to Raw next week to meet face to face.

Lesnar wasn’t the only one to make a shocking return on the season premiere of Raw as Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their return to WWE and reunited with AJ Styles to take on The Judgment Day. Full results from the October 10th episode can be found here.