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Brock Lesnar – “Figure Out How To Put A**es In Seats And Not Worry About Your Next High Spot”

Brock Lesnar F5s Big E

Brock Lesnar has some thoughts about wanting new talent to get over with fans and learn how to make money.

One of the most successful athletes in WWE history, Brock Lesnar has twenty years of experience treating wrestling as a business that has made him plenty of money throughout the years.

During an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show, Lesnar spoke to the SmackDown commentator about wanting someone in the new generation of talent to step up and figure out how to get an audience invested. He was critical of wrestlers who focus on flashy moves, and says that audiences will respond best to excellent storytelling and personal issues.

“Now I’m the old bastard walking the hall. I look at these young kids and, I don’t know. Someone needs to step up. Get over. Figure out how to put asses in seats and not worry about your next high spot. Figure out, ‘how the hell can I be different. How the hell can I make money?’ That’s the business.

“The young generation thinks that if they go out and do a certain move and they do it over and over, that’s not the business. There is a good guy and bad guy like Holyfield and Tyson, mega heavyweight, pitting people against each other, storylines. That’s what was fun about me coming back this time, the storyline with Roman Reigns and being with Paul Heyman for 15 years.”

Brock Lesnar is arguably doing the best work of his career during this current babyface run. After being inserted into the WWE Championship match at Day 1, Lesnar won the title from then champion Big E, but lost the title to Bobby Lashley during their clash at the Royal Rumble after Paul Heyman realigned himself with Roman Reigns and cost Lesnar his match. Later in the night, Brock Lesnar would go on to win the Royal Rumble, and has chosen to face Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 38.

Elsewhere during his appearance, Brock Lesnar commented on his future in WWE and how much longer he plans to keep wrestling as well as why he decided to come back for this current run.

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