Brock Lesnar Reportedly Not Happy With Shane McMahon’s Behaviour

Brock Lesnar eliminates Shane McMahon

The fallout from Shane McMahon’s role at the Royal Rumble continues with a new report stating Brock Lesnar was less than thrilled with McMahon’s behaviour.

McMahon helped produce the men’s Royal Rumble match as well as entering the bout as the surprise 28th entrant. A bigger surprise was yet to come in the match as Brock Lesnar entered as number 30 despite losing his WWE Championship earlier in the night. Lesnar came out victorious in a Royal Rumble bout for the second time in his career, eliminating McMahon on his way to the win.

Dave Meltzer had reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, that Shane McMahon was unpopular backstage as he tried to book the end of the Royal Rumble around himself, something that was ultimately overruled by his father, Vince McMahon:

“There were also disagreements regarding he and Lesnar regarding the closing stages of the match, and Lesnar pretty much does exactly what he wants. But this led to people being told one thing and then another, between Shane’s ideas, what Lesnar wanted, and what Vince wanted.

“It was constantly changing all day and Vince was overruling Shane on his ideas and also agreeing with Lesnar. About the only thing left in regarding him looking good was a spot where he would out-strike babyface and former UFC fighter Riddle.

“It didn’t help matters that he botched his elimination spot with Lesnar as he was supposed to be clotheslined over the top rope, but didn’t get over on the first attempt, so they had to do it again.”

Fightful Select has now also reported that Brock Lesnar was said to be unhappy over the way Shane McMahon had conducted himself backstage in the lead-up to the match.

McMahon had been pencilled in for appearances at Elimination Chamber and WrestleMania 38 but those plans have changed significantly with Shane McMahon said to have been quietly let go by the company following the furore caused.