Brock Lesnar Makes Non-PG Reference To Blacklisted Former WWE Star On Raw

Brock Lesnar on Raw

Paul Heyman always said that Brock Lesnar does what Brock Lesnar wants, and on Raw, he was again proven correct in spectacular fashion.

Lesnar entered to a huge reaction from the crowd and appeared to be enjoying himself as they greeted the returning hero. The Beast began as he meant to go on by asking the crowd whether they enjoyed the Royal Rumble. As the cheers subsided, Lesnar, sporting a big smile said that it sucked, at least for him.

The former UFC star said that he took some time off last week, but all he could think about was Bobby Lashley. Lesnar said the star was all he could think about when he went fishing, sat down for a steak dinner, or tried to go about his day. Even when he crawled into bed with his wife — well four or five hours later, all he could think about was Lashley.

Brock Lesnar References Banned Former WWE Star

This final comment drew a big laugh from the crowd and a large response on social media. Not only did fans enjoy the slightly x-rated joke, but it was a very rare mention, even indirectly, of Lesnar’s wife Sable. The star famously worked for WWE from 1996 until 1999 when she became one of the biggest stars in the company. Sable returned to WWE in 2003 before leaving just a year later.

Brock Lesnar and Sable married in 2006 and have two children together.

The reference caught many fans by surprise, especially as Torrie Wilson revealed in July that she was banned from mentioning Sable in her Hall of Fame speech.

After firing off his jokes, Lesnar got serious and challenged Bobby Lashley to a match at Elimination Chamber, producing a contract from his pocket.

This brought out the All-Mighty who said that he would only agree to the match on his terms. After Lashley poked his finger in Lesnar’s face, The Beast snapped and delivered two F-5s to the former World Champion. Later in the show, it was announced there would be a contract signing between the pair the following week.