Brock Lesnar Forced WrestleMania Change So He Could “Go Home Early”

Brock Lesnar on Raw

Within WWE circles, Brock Lesnar typically gets, what Brock Lesnar wants. Including a nice early finish at the biggest show of the year because he wants to go home.

At the 2019 Royal Rumble, Seth Rollins won the men’s Rumble match which earned him a shot at World Championship gold at WrestleMania. The next night on Raw, the star said that he would be facing Brock Lesnar for the Undisputed Championship.

Despite Paul Heyman’s attempts to dissuade Rollins, the match was set.

At WrestleMania 35 the main show opened with host Alex Bliss introducing Hulk Hogan and the pair hyped up the crowd. However, they were interrupted by Heyman who said that if Lesnar wasn’t going to be in the main event, he wasn’t going to be hanging around all night. At this, Heyman introduced The Beast and the match got underway.

After being attacked by Lesnar as soon as he made his entrance, Rollins countered an F-5, and Lesnar bumped into the referee. Sensing an opportunity, Rollins hit a low blow and a Curb Stomp to grab the win.

Incredibly, former WWE writer Dave Schilling has revealed that Lesnar did force the running order to be changed. In a thread on Twitter, Schilling stated that Lesnar vs. Rollins was set to be the semi-main event, but Lesnar got it changed as he wanted to go home early. This meant that Finn Balor vs. Bobby Lashley was bumped up the card into a spot where the crowd was “flatter than a plate full of p*ss.”

Who Is Brock Lesnar Facing At WrestleMania 39?

Brock Lesnar is set to square off against the giant Omos at WrestleMania 39 on either April 1st or 2nd. Incredibly at one point or another, there were plans for Lesnar to face four other stars such as Steve Austin and Bray Wyatt.