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Brock Lesnar Announces He’ll Be On SmackDown

Brock Lesnar

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar made the announcement that he’ll be on SmackDown to confront Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman!

Monday Night Raw opened with new WWE Champion Brock Lesnar celebrating his title win in front of the crowd in South Carolina. He was soon interrupted by Paul Heyman, who claimed to represent the only real heavyweight champion in WWE, the Tribal Chief Roman Reigns.

Heyman told his former client that he may not be walking into WrestleMania as WWE Champion after all, because Brock Lesnar is scheduled to defend his championship on March 5th at Madison Square Garden.

During the exchange that saw Paul Heyman call Lesnar “farmer boy,” the WWE Champion declared that instead of being at home on Friday night, he would instead be in Hershey, PA for SmackDown to confront Heyman and Roman Reigns. Heyman looked terrified on the ramp as the segment ended.

After winning the 2022 Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar declared that he would be facing Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania after Reigns cost Lesnar the WWE Championship in a match with Bobby Lashley. The Beast Incarnate was able to regain his WWE Championship when he won the Elimination Chamber match in Saudi Arabia.

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