Brock Lesnar And Cody Rhodes Agree To A “Fight” At Night Of Champions

Brock Lesnar & Cody Rhodes

Brock Lesnar might have been defeated by Cody Rhodes at Backlash, but that doesn’t mean that he’s happy to walk away.

The bout at Backlash turned into a bloodbath as The Beast got up close and personal with an exposed turnbuckle. With blood pouring from his head, Lesnar continued his assault on Rhodes but was undone after the American Nightmare reversed a Kimura Lock into a pin.

Two days later on Raw, Cody Rhodes opened Raw talking about how he was excited to try and win the new World Heavyweight Championship now that Lesnar was in his rearview mirror. This wasn’t so much of a red flag as a massive family-sized red blanket.

Later in the show Rhodes was in action against The Miz and Finn Balor and looked to be heading to victory. That was until being attacked by Lesnar who was sporting the scars of their earlier meeting. With the stitches still in his head and a black eye to boot, Lesnar delivered an F-5 on the floor, before repeating the trick on the announce table.

With Rhodes broken on the floor, Lesnar screamed into the camera and then Rhodes, challenging him to a fight at Night of Champions, demanding to know “Who’s the coward now?”

Much later in the night, Rhodes was seen backstage trying to put himself back together, and he accepted the challenge against his better judgement.

WWE’s Drug Policy “Doesn’t Apply” To Brock Lesnar

Meanwhile, a recent report also highlighted just how far WWE is willing to bend the rules for Lesnar. Aside from blood being planned and used in the match as Backlash despite being banned, the report suggested WWE is not afraid to flex its drug policy for the star either.