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Britt Baker – “Tony Schiavone Is Most Responsible For The Success Of Dr. Britt Baker DMD”

Britt Baker hugging Tony Schiavone

AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD has claimed that the person most responsible for her success in AEW is none other than announcing legend Tony Schiavone.

Despite Baker relishing her role as a villain in All Elite Wrestling, one man has stuck with the Role Model throughout her transformation that has taken her to the top of AEW’s women’s division – Tony Schiavone.

The former WCW announcer can be frequently seen bearing the brunt of Baker’s bad moods during various interview segments on AEW television but the love and friendship between the two is very real indeed.

Speaking exclusively to Inside the Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh for issue 16 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, Britt Baker discusses her relationship with Schiavone – a man old enough to be older than her dad:

“It’s another thing where the chemistry was so undeniable you have to keep going with it, or it would be doing everybody a disservice. When we first did a promo on the Jericho Cruise we just clicked and from there we became really close friends in real life—we text and call all the time. It’s such a goofy friendship but it’s very much like what you see on camera—we pick on each other, we love to gossip.”

“It’s like the relationship you would have with your friend at the bar, that’s me and Tony Schiavone. He’s old enough to be older than my dad, so I don’t know how or why that worked, but it did.”

Britt Baker went on to add that she believes Tony Schiavone is the person most responsible for her success in AEW:

“I think Tony is the person most responsible for the success of Dr. Britt Baker DMD because he helped me so much with my promos. If I didn’t have somebody there to pick on and bully in those promos, then they wouldn’t have gone over as much as they did. He’s loved by wrestling fans all over the world—like, how dare anybody pick on Tony Schiavone, right?”

“The relationship on camera works so well and it became so much fun, like when we went to the spa and he thought we were getting him a pedicure and we waxed his chest, it was so ridiculous that it was received so well.”

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