Britt Baker Discusses Being “The Most Nervous I’ve Ever Been” Prior To Lights Out Match

Britt Baker

AEW Women’s World Champion Dr. Britt Baker DMD has discussed her infamous Lights Out match with Thunder Rosa and how nervous she was before the two women made history.

The bad blood between Britt Baker and Thunder Rosa had been apparent since Rosa first turned up in AEW while still NWA Women’s Worlds Champion. It was not long before the two women were at each other’s throats and this translated into one of the most talked-about AEW Dynamite main events in company history.

At St. Patrick’s Day Slam on the 17th of March 2021, Baker and Rosa met in an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match that changed the trajectory of Baker’s AEW career. Beneath her bloodied visage and despite Thunder Rosa winning the match, a star had been born and two months later Britt Baker was AEW Women’s World Champion.

Speaking to Inside the Ropes’ Kenny McIntosh for issue 16 of Inside the Ropes Magazine, Britt Baker discussed the bout with Thunder Rosa and the nerves she felt going into it:

“I was definitely nervous—the most nervous I’ve ever been—because I never had a match like that ever. I had never gone through a table, I had never been hit with a chair. It was my first time—I was breaking my hardcore virginity, for lack of a better term.”

“At that time our women’s division was under fire for anything and everything—that we weren’t being booked right, that we weren’t being booked enough, that the girls weren’t ready—you name it. There was something to be said and as I am loud and proud team AEW—I wave the flag probably louder and prouder than anybody—and have been here from day one, hearing all the criticism through the ups and downs, I really wanted to turn the tide for the women’s division.”

“I knew this was an opportunity to do that: It was the first-ever women’s main event on Dynamite and it was maybe the longest women’s feud that had been booked in AEW, Thunder Rosa has such a great following, I was building my following at that time too, it was a Lights Out match, and we have a little more freedom to express ourselves with our creativity than other promotions. We had to go all in.”

Baker then explained how the women had to fight their corner with AEW President Tony Khan to get to do the violent spots that happened during the bout:

“Our coach at the time, Jerry Lynn, said, “You know, you have the chance to make history.” I wanted to. I knew it was going to hurt, I knew it would be violent, but I was so dialled in and I was so invested that I didn’t care.”

“And even some of the stuff we had planned, I had to sit in Tony’s office and convince him to let us do it. He was worried and he said, “I don’t know, this doesn’t seem safe.” I said, “Please, just trust me, just trust me,” and eventually we got to the match and it couldn’t have gone any better.”

Britt Baker then added that she is savvy enough to know that some onlookers would find reasons to criticise the bout and despite that, she’s proud of what she and Rosa achieved in the grander scheme of women’s wrestling:

“I wouldn’t change anything for the world. Although the match was very well-received, some did criticise a women’s match containing so much blood . . . There’s going to be criticism for anything and anyone in professional wrestling. Everybody has their opinions, and that’s fine, but you’ve got to look at the big picture and what it did for women’s wrestling, with the response and the good feedback.”

“Of course, I listen to the negative too and I’ll learn from that, but it would be pretty hard to take the wind out of my sails on that match. It was something I felt was a work of art to be proud of. The match with Thunder Rosa was so big, it’s a surprise that it’s not been revisited yet.”

Britt Baker added that although the feud has not been revisited yet that it’s only a matter of time before her and Thunder Rosa’s paths cross once again:

“Whether I want it or not, I think it’s bound to happen either way because it’s such a huge programme and a story that fans are champing at the bit waiting for. It’s going to be a lot of pressure to keep that high standard because fans are very invested in Britt Baker vs. Thunder Rosa.”

“Again, it’s the ultimate story of good vs evil, and I’m excited for it, I love a challenge. Obviously, her and I have really good chemistry in the ring—whether we hate each other or not behind the scenes—so I look forward to the day when that match comes.”

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