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Britt Baker Says She’ll Never Turn On Tony Schiavone But JR’s A Maybe

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While wrestling friendships are fraught with danger as Sonny Kiss knows only too well, Britt Baker says she’ll never turn her back on her best buddy.

When Dr. Britt Baker decided to find her inner villain in All Elite Wrestling, she launched a scathing attack on veteran announcer Tony Schiavone. Following that the two seemed to form a bond along with Baker’s other sidekick Rebel [definitely not Reba].

With the three amigos frequently together for interview segments on AEW Dynamite, the AEW faithful have grown accustomed to Schiavone hitting Baker’s trademark DMD pose alongside her. The two even shared a special moment at Double Or Nothing when Baker became AEW Women’s World Champion. As Baker was leaving the arena, Schiavone was waiting on her and offered a congratulatory embrace.

Now speaking to Tony Schiavone’s former WCW colleague Mark Madden, Britt Baker has knocked back any notion she’d ever do the dirty on Schiavone. Madden suggested there had to be a moment in the future when Baker turned on Schiavone but Baker put Madden in his place with her response.

Britt Baker stated:

“This is why you work in the radio booth and you’re not booking Dynamite, because you’re wrong. I will never turn on Tony Schiavone. He’s my shoot best friend in real life. We talk to each other on the phone every day. I don’t have it in my heart. He’s one of the only people in the entire company I like, so why would I get rid of him?”

Another member of the Dynamite broadcast team might want to watch their back as Baker continued:

“Jim Ross? One day, maybe, [but] never Tony Schiavone.”

Britt Baker then touched on the overwhelmingly positive reactions she now receives from fans despite ostensibly still playing the bad guy. The AEW Women’s World Champion does not see it as a problem:

“So, you tell me. Is that a problem? If you’re moving merch, if you’re drawing millions of viewers, it doesn’t matter. You’re doing the company good one way or another, so is that a problem? It’s not my problem.”

Baker’s problem on the premiere episode of AEW Rampage will be Red Velvet who is challenging Baker for her title. Britt Baker will have home-field advantage for the bout as the first-ever Rampage emanates from ‘Brittsburgh,’ Pennsylvania. And Jim Ross…you’ve been warned!

h/t Fightful for the transcription