Britt Baker Says She “Would Love” To See AJ Lee In AEW

Britt Baker

Now that CM Punk has arrived in AEW, many fans are wondering whether his wife and also former WWE Superstar AJ Lee will follow suit. It’s a move that would apparently go down well with AEW Women’s World Champion Britt Baker.

Appearing at a Planet Comicon event shortly after Punk’s historic debut, Britt Baker said that she would welcome the arrival of AJ Lee.

Baker revealed that she has always been a big fan of Lee, adding that her ‘Black Widow’ finisher was one of the first moves she asked her wrestling trainer to teach her. Continuing on, Baker pondered a mixed tag match between her and her real-life partner Adam Cole and Mr and Mrs Punk.

“I was a big AJ Lee fan,” Baker said. “One of the first moves I asked my trainer to teach me when I was training was her finisher, the Black Widow. So, that would be really cool.

Again, it’s giving the fans what they want. I think for the fans to see both of them [Punk & Lee] in a wrestling ring again in 2021, which is not in WWE…that alone would be evolutionary.

So, for that moment alone, I would love to see her in AEW. I would love to see her in the ring with me.

Speaking of her, I would love to see a mixed tag team match involving her, Punk, me and somebody else [Adam Cole].”

On a special August 20th edition of AEW Rampage titled The First Dance, the hometown boy, came home. CM Punk returned to a professional wrestling ring in Chicago to debut in AEW.

During a promo sound tracked by a raucous crowd, Punk repeatedly thanks fans while expressing his happiness at being in AEW. Punk also used the moment to call out Darby Allin and challenge him to a match at AEW All Out on September 5th. The match will mark Punk’s first in-ring action since the 2014 Royal Rumble Match.

Meanwhile AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled since leaving WWE in early 2015. Since leaving the ring Lee has written a memoir and multiple comic book series.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.