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Britt Baker On Her Crimson Mask – “That Did Freak Me Out For A Second”

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Britt Baker has opened up about her now iconic crimson mask which happened as a result of an Unsanctioned Lights Out Match with Thunder Rosa on AEW Dynamite.

The brutal and bloody bout at AEW Dynamite St Patrick’s Day Slam was the first women’s match to headline AEW Dynamite, and Baker most definitely made sure it was memorable. Alongside Thunder Rosa, the AEW star would leave it all out there. Blood (and a lot of it, at that), sweat and tears went into making the match one of the most intense women’s matches seen on North American television in history.

Speaking with Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Dr Britt Baker DMD would recall the moment the blood started flowing, and her discussions with referee Paul Turner regarding it.

“As soon as that blood started dripping I’m like, ‘Keep flowing, man.’ Paul Turner, the ref, was like, ‘You’re bleeding, you have great colour. Jerry is in the back saying, “Pump it”.’

Baker went on to say Paul Turner is her “angel” and sings to her before she comes through the curtain to calm her anxiety – with the 29-year-old revealing how that was only heightened in such a brutal match, as she asked the referee if she was dying.

“Paul is my angel, because I have anxiety before I go out. He sings songs from A Star is Born to me, there’s a whole ‘talk Britt off the ledge’ thing that’s he’s involved with. In the ring, every time we go out he talks to me the whole time. In this match in particular he asked me the whole time ‘Britt, are you OK? Britt, talk to me, are you OK?’ Finally, I looked at him and said, ‘Am I dying or am I OK?’ He was like ‘You’re great, you’re great.’ He was asking me way too many times if I’m OK.

Regarding the actual volume of blood, Baker said she knew it was a lot as it was dripping on the mat and making its way into her eyes – clouding her vision – pointing out that no-one thought to warn her about that.

“I knew I was bleeding a lot because I saw it was dripping on the mat and it was in my eyes. I’ve bled before when I broke my nose, but when the blood runs into your eyes, no-one warned me about that. It’s like a red fog or a red filter and you can’t see anything. At one point in the match, I say to Paul I can’t see. I ask Reba, ‘Give me your towel,’ and she says ‘I don’t have it here.’ She gives me her jacket, and I wipe my bloody eyes off in her jacket. That did freak me out for a second.”

You can listen to the entire interview via Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette.

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