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Britt Baker – “I Believe I Am The Biggest Star Of The Women’s Division”

Britt Baker

On the upcoming March 17th episode of AEW Dynamite, for the first time ever, two women will main event AEW’s flagship show. The two women in question are Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D and Thunder Rosa.

Not only that, the pair’s much anticipated showdown will be a Unsanctioned Lights Out Match, the first to take place on AEW Dynamite.

Speaking in a new interview with Sports Illustrated, Baker has reflected on her time in AEW to date, her relationship with Rebel and why she believes she’s the biggest female star on the show.

Reacting to being called an indispensable part of AEW, Baker explained that she sees herself as the biggest star in the women’s division.

“I truly believe I am the biggest star of the women’s division. You could put me in the main event with one of Kenny Omega’s broom girls, and people are still going to watch it. I want to put all eyes on me when I come on TV.

This is a show that has the likes of Jon Moxley, Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy, Penta and Eddie Kingston, and I’m the main event. Part of me can’t believe this is happening, while the other half is saying, damn right, it’s happening.”

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D was later asked if she thinks she needs a run with the title to fully establish herself. The first female wrestler to be signed by AEW replied that she is going to be great with or without the title.

“Yes and no. I am going to be great at whatever I do in AEW, and I am the face of the women’s division. With that being said, you can say you’re the best all you want, but the physical display of being the best is having a championship belt around your waist. That’s the goal, and I will have that title sooner than later.”

Elsewhere in the interview Baker discussed her on-screen relationship with Reba, revealing that there had previously been talk about her turning on her assistant.

“I am so happy that the rest of the world is seeing her talent. When we started “The Rules of Being a Role Model,” she was the makeup artist. She’s so passionate about wrestling, she was written into the first scene, the one in my dental office, as Reba. Once Tony saw that, he thought our interaction was great. We all thought it made sense to keep us together.

At one point, there was talk of me turning on her. But I can’t. She’s that important to Dr. Britt Baker. We are having so much fun together. We always say, “Just let us flow; don’t overcomplicate things,” and that’s when you get the greatest product quality from us. Just let us flow, and we’re going to hit it out of the park.”

The ST. Patrick’s Day edition of Dynamite will also feature Jon Moxley and Eddie Kingston taking on the IMPACT Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The Good Brothers. Cody Rhodes going up against Penta El Zero Miedo. Jurassic Express and Bear Country tangling with Matt Hardy, Private Party and the Butcher and The Blade. While Jade Cargill will also be in action.

You can follow all of the action live as it happens on Inside The Ropes.