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Britt Baker Asked Jon Moxley For Advice Before Lights Out Match

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Britt Baker has revealed that ahead of her already infamous Unsanctioned Lights Out Match with Thunder Rosa she sought advice from Jon Moxley and Christian Cage.

The match which took place at AEW Dynamite St Patrick’s Day Slam not only set the standard for violence in women’s wrestling in AEW, it also became the first women’s match to headline the company’s flagship programme.

Baker, who was eventually defeated in the brutal clash, has now revealed that she tapped into Jon Moxley and Christian Cage for advice ahead of the contest.

Speaking to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions, Baker said that she’d spoken to Moxley right before she went to the ring, where he told her that thumbtacks “weren’t too bad.”

“Right before I went out I had seen Mox in the trainers room, that was the last conversation I had before I went out there, and that really hyped me up. He knows a little bit more about this world of wrestling, the hardcore stuff, than I do. I talked to him about how I wanted to use the tacks. He said yeah they hurt but they’re not that bad, turns out they frigging hurt.”

Britt Baker went on to explain how she also spoke to Christian Cage, who backed up Moxley, before adding that she lost count of how many tacks were taken out of her back after the match.

“Christian also told me that the tacks don’t hurt, and I informed him immediately right after no tacks hurt buddy. they hurt. When they pulled them out in the back, I forget what the final total was but they had shaken out when I had took the table bump at the end too. I’ll have to ask Doc Sampson the final count.”

Elsewhere in the podcast Baker also had some choice words for Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, despite the main event becoming the joint highest rated United States based women’s match in history in the newsletter.

The match received a 4.75* rating from Melter, matching the rating given to the 2018 WWE Evolution clash between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch.

However, Baker expressed her disappointment with the rating referring to Meltzer as “a s**thead.”

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