Britt Baker Admits Back And Neck Injuries Are “Getting Worse”

Britt Baker AEW Entrance

Britt Baker has revealed that her injury worries are far from over.

The first woman signed by AEW spent much of her time as Women’s Champion with a broken wrist and it’s that mindset that’s pushing her forward today.

In the opening episode of the new reality series AEW All Access, Baker’s partner Adam Cole is struggling to get cleared after suffering a concussion at AEW x NJPW Forbidden Door. However, Baker is also having her own injury problems as she’s repeatedly shown getting treatment for a longstanding back injury.

Speaking in a new interview with ComicBook to promote the new series, Baker opened up about her injury struggles. The former AEW Women’s Champion admitted that the back injury has now become a back and neck problem, and is getting worse. Despite this, she claims the problem is “manageable.”

“Unfortunately it’s getting worse,” Baker said. “Now it’s like a neck and a back problem. But it’s manageable. I’m tough, so I’ll always find ways to work. My championship reign was with a broken wrist. So I’ll figure it out one way or another. You’ve got to work your way around it, sometimes maybe trick your body into thinking, ‘Eh, it doesn’t really hurt that bad.'”

Britt Baker Open To Women’s Blood And Guts Match

During the conversation, Baker also discussed her rivalry with Saraya. AEW’s resident dentist was Saraya’s opponent when she made her in-ring return and was heavily cheered despite being a heel. In the months that followed, Baker emerged as a babyface while Saraya recruited the ‘Outsiders’ and went to the dark side.

Baker explained that her long-standing relationship with AEW’s fanbase meant that it was easy for them to get behind her.

“When she (Saraya) said in the ring in a promo that I’m not a star, that I don’t know what it takes to be a star…saying it without saying it, our fans did not like that and they turned on her,” Baker explained. “And at that moment I realized our fans are really ride or dies. They’re with us from start to finish. And I think that’s what attributed to my popularity even as a heel.

They’ve been with me since day one when I had no idea what I was doing, I was ‘deer in the headlights’ trying to learn my way on live TV to where I am now, they’ve seen all of that from start to finish, the ups and downs. I think that’s why, no matter what, I’ll always have the respect of the fans. Even if they don’t like me, they respect me.”

The star also revealed that she would be more than happy to take part in the first-ever women’s Blood and Guts match.

“Let’s do it. I do pretty okay in the hardcore matches, so I’m not worried. And I wouldn’t want anyone else on my side other than the Originals.”

Adam Cole finally made his long-awaited return from injury on the March 29th episode of Dynamite. The star overcame Daniel Garcia in the main event before celebrating with Baker as the show went off the air.