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Brian Myers Recalls WWE Hall Of Famer Confusing Bray Wyatt For Michael Hayes

Bray Wyatt Michael Hayes

Former WWE Superstar Brian Myers has discussed a WWE Hall Of Famer that knew very few names and a case of hilarious mistaken identity.

The man who competed for many years in WWE as Curt Hawkins spoke to Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful about a variety of subjects from his long career that currently sees him compete in IMPACT Wrestling.

Myers recalled a situation that saw many WWE Superstars trying to work out if WWE Hall Of Famer The Great Khali knew their name:

“So I remember that day because we hadn’t seen him in a while. We were bullsh*tting with him sitting in catering and kind of ballbusting. We were making fun of that he knows like nobody’s name even though he’s been around us for like 10, 15 years or whatever. He’s like, ‘Hey, man,’ and everyone’s just whatever.”

“Gallows, who knows him like very well, was with him in Deep South and wrestled him a million times is like, ‘Hey, Khali, what’s my name?’ He goes, ‘Drew!’ and we were like, ‘Holy sh*t! He knows his name!’ or whatever. And then Windham, Bray Wyatt tries to go, ‘Khali, what about me? What’s my real name?’ He goes, ‘Michael Hayes, man.’ And you talk about a locker room pop. I mean, the boys f*cking exploded.”

Michael Hayes is not exactly an eater of worlds but rather a Fabulous Freebird that has worked for several decades behind the scenes as one of the driving forces of the company’s creative direction.

Bray Wyatt left WWE in the summer of 2021 to the shock of many. The man who appears to be now known simply as Windham has not yet made a wrestling appearance since then but is free and clear of his ninety-day non-compete clause.

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