Brian Kendrick Will Confront Harland Next Week After Brutal Attack

Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick declared that he will return to NXT TV next week to confront Harland in the ring after being brutally attacked last week.

“The” Brian Kendrick is no stranger to confrontation in his illustrious wrestling career, but until last week, he’s been absent from WWE television since an October 2020 victory over Mansoor on 205 Live.

Since then, Kendrick has been working behind the scenes as a producer at WWE and spoke about his love for this new role during his Life After Wrestling mini-documentary produced by WWE.

While the documentary wasn’t definitive, many assumed that his love of WWE production might mean Brian Kendrick was retired from the ring – and until being confronted by Harland this seemed to be the case.

However, on the December 14 episode of NXT 2.0, he was viciously thrown down the stairs after attempting to calm down an incensed Harland after the monster handily defeated Guru Raaj. Joe Gacy insists that his friend is apologetic for his actions, claiming that the former Parker Boudreaux is too sensitive and shaken up to speak on the issue himself.

“The” Brian Kendrick doesn’t seem impressed by Joe Gacy’s attempt to apologize for his monster, and took television time for himself to declare his intentions. Kendrick says that he’s resigned as an NXT coach, has signed a waiver, and will confront his attacker and provide his own “apology” in the ring on the December 26th episode of NXT 2.0.

Though he was initially compared to Brock Lesnar even before he signed with WWE, Harland (real name Parker Boudreaux) donned a new look and has been accompanying Joe Gacy on the most recent episodes of NXT.

After weeks of being in the background as Gacy called for a “safe space” in wrestling, Harland finally made his in-ring debut on the December 14th episode.