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Bret Hart – “Vince And I Have Buried The Hatchet Now”

McMahon vs Hart

Bret Hart lifted the lid on his current relationship with WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon in episode 30 of his Confessions of the Hitman podcast.

On how he and McMahon let go of their previous animosity, Hart explained:

“I think me and Vince have reached an understanding where we don’t bring up a lot of old, dodgy stuff, and we kind of buried the hatchet.”

When quizzed on the 1997 Survivor Series, wherein McMahon and Shawn Michaels legitimately conspired to screw Hart out of the WWE Championship, which ended Hart’s 14-year relationship with WWE, the ‘Hitman’ revealed:

“And Shawn Michaels and everyone else, like, I think in the end, I’m still proud of the way I handled myself through the whole Screwjob period. But in all honesty, I think they’re not proud of their conduct; I don’t think. I think they kind of realized now that that was kind of a dumb way to go, and unprofessional way to go, and it caused way more problems than they ever imagined, even though they made money off of the whole concept of what happened. Me and Vince, I think it goes back a number of years – we kind of buried the hatchet.

Hart advised a phone call from McMahon in 2002, days after he had suffered a serious stroke lifted his spirits and led to a thawing in their frosty relationship:

“[McMahon] called me up in the hospital, and I remember I was very stunned that he called me in the hospital. Maybe it was Day 3 of my stroke and I was in pretty rough shape still. I could hardly talk and I couldn’t sit up or anything. I was pretty frail, and when you have a stroke, you’re pretty messed up. But he gave me a very heartfelt pep talk. ‘You’re a fighter. You’re going to beat this. You’re going to show everyone you’re going to get through this.’ It really meant a lot to me.”

‘The Excellence of Execution’ returned to the WWE fold in the summer of 2005 to film a DVD set focused on his wrestling career. He was inducted as the headline act at the following year’s WWE Hall of Fame class.

Bret Hart returned to WWE television in January 2010 and feuded with McMahon onscreen, culminating in a WrestleMania bout between the pair which Hart won, concluding their 13-year feud.

h/t to Wrestling Inc for transcription.