Bret Hart Unable To Appear At AEW All In

Bret Hart & The British Bulldog

On August 29th, 1992, Bret Hart took part in the most famous wrestling match to ever take place in the United Kingdom.

While the match was far from being the first notable bout to take place in the UK, arguably none had the same level of impact.

In front of a packed Wembley Stadium for SummerSlam, Hart was defeated by the British Bulldog and lost the Intercontinental Title in the process. The match is widely regarded as one of the great matches in SummerSlam history, and one of the most impressive performances of Hart’s career. With the beloved Bulldog struggling physically and mentally at the time of the match, its greatness is often attributed to Hart and used as further proof that he was a master of his craft.

Fast forward to 2023 and professional wrestling is set to return to Wembley Stadium for the first time since that famous summer evening in 1992. AEW will head to the famous venue on August 27th for All In, their first event in the UK.

This has led to speculation that the company could look to use Bulldog’s son, Davey Boy Smith Jr, and Bret Hart in some capacity. However, according to Dave Meltzer, an appearance for Hart could be impossible.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer said that Hart’s legend’s deal with WWE will likely prevent him from appearing.

“Obviously there has been a lot of U.K. sentiment toward Tony Khan to bring in Smith Jr., since he’s already there, and Bret Hart, for an appearance on his show. I don’t believe Hart can legally appear due to his WWE deal, as that’s the reason Hart has never appeared on an episode of Impact.”

Bret Hart “Embarrassed” To Attend WWE Clash At The Castle

Although he might not be able to appear at All In, Bret Hart was on hand for WWE’s most recent UK-based Premium Live Event, Clash at the Castle. However, he has since revealed that he wasn’t exactly happy about it.

Speaking in March, The Hitman said that he was “embarrassed” to be sat in the crowd watching the action on display.