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“Bret Hart Stood Up For Me” – Charles Wright On Papa Shango Facing The Hitman

Bret Hart

WWE Hall of Famer Charles Wright had high praise for Bret Hart, opening up about how The Hitman stood up for him.

Speaking with Ciarán and Niall of the Scheduled For Two Falls Podcast, Wright looked back on how Bret Hart went to bat for him, when people said Papa Shango would make The Hitman look bad.

“They were so concerned about that match because I was so green and only a few years in the business. So we had to do the match the night before, whatever town we were in, we did that exact same match.”

Wright would reveal how Bret was “such a cool dude” and revealed how little of their match was rehearsed.

Bret was such a cool dude. Good worker, good leader. There was one agent who just didn’t even want to have the match. ‘Oh, Papa is going to make Bret look bad, and it’s going to be the worst thing for his career. And Bret stood up for me and said, ‘Nah, he can work. He’s green, but he can work.’ So shout out to Bret for that. Aside from doing it the night before, there was nothing rehearsed.”

Charles Wright isn’t the only man to have some high praise for Hart recently, of course, with former AEW World Champion Jon Moxley naming The Hitman on his Mt Rushmore of professional wrestling, as well as saying Hart is the one Hall of Famer he’d love to share the ring with.

Meanwhile, Wright also looked back on his time as Papa Shango.

“I wish, looking back, I wish I was not so green in the business because I could probably have been better at being Papa Shango, like Kamala was at being Kamala. I probably could have been a better Papa Shango but dude, I had no idea what I was stepping into. Going from a country tobacco chewing, country music listening, old truck driving, biker to a voodoo man. It was a stretch!”

Credit: Ciarán and Niall of the Scheduled For Two Falls Podcast