Bret Hart Admits He Would Return To The Ring Today If He Was Healthy

Bret Hart holding Canadian flag

Although Bret Hart enjoyed a glittering career which saw him capture multiple World Championships and garner love and respect from fans and fellow professionals alike, there remains a huge sense of what if?

After the infamous ‘Montreal Screwjob’ Hart began appearing in WCW, but never really captured the heights that he had during his earlier WWF run. However, he remained towards the top of the card and in World Title contention.

Bret Hart’s career was brought to a shuddering halt in 1999 after he sustained a serious concussion during a match with Goldberg that December. Although the star continued to wrestle into January 2000, the damage was already done and he was forced to retire.

The Hitman also suffered a stroke in 2002 which ended any feint hope that he would ever be able to seriously wrestle again. Despite this, he appeared in a number of matches with WWE in 2010, although he was unable to take any bumps.

Bret Hart Confirms He’d Have Wrestled Well Into The 2010’s

In recent months a number of former Superstars have made their way back into the ring for ‘one more match.’ During a recent K&S WrestleFest signing Hart was asked whether there was a possibility he would wrestle again. The WWE Hall of Famer admitted that if he was healthy he’d definitely return.

“If I had no issues with my concussion and stuff. If I never had a stroke, maybe. Let’s just say I was healthy, at my age, I’d go back. I would have taken it pretty seriously. I would have wrestled a lot more over the last ten years if I hadn’t been hurt. All of the dream matches that everyone talks about, I would have loved to done all of them. Daniel Bryan [Bryan Danielson], CM Punk, Roman Reigns, John Cena, Randy Orton,”

Elsewhere during the signing, Hart discussed how he would have loved to have wrestled the likes of Brock Lesnar and Rey Mysterio.

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