Bret Hart Names His “All-Time Favorite Match”

Bret Hart

There’s a good reason why Bret Hart is called “The Excellence Of Execution.”

The WWE Hall Of Famer has been known to put on some all-time classics whether he was working for WWE, WCW, or in his own backyard of Stampede Wrestling and Hart reflected on his career in a recent interview on the Johnny I Pro Show. Bret was naturally asked the “age-old” fan question as to what fight was his favorite. To many fans, his response was an obvious one.

“Probably my all-time favorite match is going to be the Steve Austin WrestleMania 13 just because it was such a real piece of work. This is a real masterpiece. I don’t know that wrestling can get better than that. I really just love the whole memory of it. It was such great, great storytelling.”

To add to Hart’s point, the storytelling was off-the-charts for the fight as the very rare “double-turn” took place in the bout and helped to further catapult Austin into the superstar he was about to become.

Bret Hart On His Other Favorite Matches

While WrestleMania 13 stands atop of his list, Hart did dive into other matches that hold a special place in his “Hitman” heart, including his Iron Man match against Shawn Michaels just a year before at WrestleMania XII.

“That’s no slouch. That’s not a match. You just go, ‘well, that wasn’t it. That was nothing.’ That was probably the hardest match I ever had in my career.”

Hart also went on to note that his match at Wembley over 31 years ago with his late brother-in-law, Davey Boy Smith was a battle that created ‘beautiful art’ and gave nods to his opponents like Undertaker, Curt Henning, and his brother Owen, pointing out the opener the two had at WrestleMania X at Madison Square Garden, but the Austin fight is the one that really stands out to him.

H/t to WrestlingNews.Co