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Bret Hart Reportedly Holds Merchandise Contract With WWE

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Amid talk of an appearance with AEW, it has emerged that Bret Hart has a merchandise contract with WWE.

With qualifying matches for the Owen Hart Foundation tournament well under way, speculation regarding a Bret Hart appearance in AEW is at an all-time high.

With finals of the tournament taking place at Double or Nothing in Las Vegas, on May 29th, many fans have wondered whether Hart will be on hand to crown the respective winners. Furthermore, stars such as CM Punk and FTR’s Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have made frequent references to The Hitman in recent matches.

In addition, Hart will be managing FTR at an independent show in June.

However, it had been reported that AEW believe that Bret Hart would be unable to appear at one of their shows due to a contract he has in place with WWE.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has now offered more details on the deal which exists between Hart and WWE. Meltzer notes that Hart has a merchandising contract with WWE, and nothing more. Although it remains unclear as to how this impacts any potential AEW appearance.

“Bret Hart said that his only deal with WWE is a merchandising deal and not any other deal. AEW was under the impression he could not appear for them due to his deal with WWE. We don’t have it clear whether Hart could legally appear on an AEW broadcast or not, past AEW believed he was not legally available to them. It would make sense for him to be in Las Vegas for the Owen Hart tournament finals, but as we noted, as of last week it didn’t appear that was going to be the case.”

Meltzer adds that Martha Hart, Owen Hart’s widow, will be at Double or Nothing.