Bret Hart Says He Would Have “Loved” To Have Worked With Brock Lesnar

Bret Hart & Brock Lesnar split

When a wrestler has to retire through injury there is always a sense of what if. When that wrestler was as good as Bret Hart, that feeling is amplified even further.

Bret Hart wrestled his last real match on January 10th 2000 on WCW Monday Nitro against Kevin Nash. However, his career had effectively been ended by a stiff kick from Goldberg during their match at Starrcade a month earlier. Despite suffering a severe concussion, Hart finished the match arguably sustaining more damage in the process. It was through these injuries that he had to retire.

As a result Hart has never been a fan of Goldberg, often criticising him for not only being unsafe, but his general attitude to the wrestling business.

Bret Hart Says Kurt Angle And Brock Lesnar Would Have Been Dream Opponents

Speaking during a recent K&S WrestleFest signing, Bret Hart was asked about dream opponents. The Hitman stated that he would have enjoyed wrestling Kurt Angle, as well as Brock Lesnar. Someone he has always heard is a pro in the ring, unlike Goldberg.

“Kurt Angle would have been one of my primary guys. He always wanted to work with me and I wish I could’ve worked with him. I would have loved to work with Brock Lesnar just because I always heard he was a good pro in the ring. The opposite of Goldberg,”

Hart also said that he would have loved to have faced Rey Mysterio, someone he describes as one of the “greatest of all time.”

“A guy I really wish I could have worked with would have been Rey Mysterio. Rey was really as special or unique as Andre The Giant was, in a different way. There is only one great masked wrestler in the history of wrestling, that was really great, and that’s Rey Mysterio. Rey has always been one of the best. When I think of great wrestlers, I always overlook Rey but he’s one of the greatest of all time. I’ve always respected him and wish I could have worked with him,”

It was recently announed that Brock Lesnar will be squaring off against Bobby Lashley ay WWE Crown Jewel, while Rey Mysterio has earned a shot at Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle has previously spoken of his disappointment at missing out on a match with Hart.

H/t to Fightful