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Bret Hart – “I Used To Draw Wrestlers In Orgies In The Locker Room”

Bret Hart holding Canadian flag

While Bret Hart is known as one of the best in-ring performers of all time, it turns out he fancied himself as something of an erotic artist outside of it.

Speaking during a Highspots Virtual Signing, Bret Hart bizarrely revealed that he used to draw his fellow wrestlers in action on the locker room blackboard. Just not in the kind of action that you might expect.

The Hitman explained that mainly due to boredom, he started drawing his colleagues in orgies on the blackboard. Although, his artwork initially went uncredited as no one realised he was the man behind the drawings.

“I remember drawing a lot of wrestlers on the blackboard in the locker room. I used to draw wrestlers in orgies and stuff on the blackboard,”

“Really, it was out of boredom. In the beginning, nobody knew it was me so I would draw this big orgy on the blackboard and all these sexual positions and stuff. It was just to make guys laugh. No one knew it was me. I would be getting dressed, there would be a big orgy on the board, and people were like, ‘Who did that?’ ‘I don’t know.’ George Wells would come into the dressing room and he would touch it up. Everyone would come and they thought he was doing the drawings and he’s going, ‘I swear to God I didn’t draw it.'”

After a while everyone found out that Bret Hart was the man with the chalk and ended up making requests like he was a nightclub DJ.

Hart said that wrestlers would ask him to draw pictures of their late-night shenanigans with the opposite sex. Or as the former World Champion described them, “perverted, made up versions of what happened the night before.”

“Eventually, they knew it was me and then wrestlers would ask me to draw them. They would go, ‘This happened last night’ and then I would draw a perverted made up version of what happened the night before at the bar with some girl. I would draw something and I would notice Andre The Giant would laugh so hard. He really loved my drawings. The crazier, the better. When I say Andre laughed, he was in a lot of pain, but he would laugh so hard and loud.”

However, Hart added that not everyone was a fan of his work. Steve Lombardi (The Brooklyn Brawler) was one person in particular who didn’t appreciate being included, but Hart won him round by pointing to the fun Andre was having.

“I used to draw Steve Lombardi in the middle of the orgies and he would get mad. I would go, ‘Steve, I’m drawing for Andre. I won’t draw you ever again, but the next time I draw you, just stop and look over at Andre. If he’s not laughing his head off, I will never draw you again.’ He came up to me and said, ‘You can draw me anytime you want.’ Andre used to laugh and laugh hard.”

As time went on Bret Hart revealed that he managed to upset one of the agents which led to Vince McMahon getting involved. Not that McMahon wanted to put an end to the impromptu, NSFW art-class.

“I drew one of the agents on the blackboard and he got really mad,”

“He told me to never draw him again and ‘what if my wife saw that’ and he got really upset.

“I remember thinking, ‘what would your wife be doing in the dressing room anyway?’ He gave me hell for it. The next day, I show up at the TV tapings and Vince McMahon is standing there and he had his arms crossed and was holding a big piece of chalk. As I walk past him, he hands me the chalk and goes, ‘You draw anything you want, any time you want, and if anyone has a problem with it, you come see me.’ So I started drawing anything I wanted and it got to be a tradition where a lot of guys had hurt feelings because I didn’t draw them.”

Bret Hart acrimoniously left WWE in 1997, heading to WCW. Hart wrestled his last match in January 2000, although he returned to the ring in a very limited capacity in WWE in 2010. The second-ever Triple Crown Champion was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006, before inducted again as part of The Hart Foundation in 2019.

The Hitman was recently inducted onto the Canadian Walk of Fame, becoming the first professional wrestler to receive the honour.

H/t to Fighful for the transcription.