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Bret Hart Details Original Simpsons Role

Bret Hart Thumb

Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart has given the lowdown on his famous appearance in The Simpsons, twenty three years after the episode aired.

Lending his vocal talents to the cartoon version of himself, ‘The Excellence of Execution’ popped up in the episode, ‘The Old Man and Lisa’, in which Mr. Burns loses his vast millions and turns to Lisa Simpson for help.

Though Bret Hart’s cameo wasn’t huge, he appeared in full wrestling attire as one of the potential inhabitants of Mr. Burns’ mansion, his guest spot was publicised across the world and even received a WWF Magazine front cover where and Bart Simpson – dressed as Hart – stood back to back.

Now, ‘The Hitman’ has opened up to Sean Ross Sapp about his casting and revealed why his voice sounded completely different in the aforementioned episode. According to Hart, he was originally slated to play the Mad Viking: