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Bret Hart Inducted Into Canada’s Walk Of Fame, The Rock Makes Special Appearance

Bret Hart holding Canadian flag

The Rock made a special appearance at WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart’s induction into Canada’s Walk of Fame and later praised the legend for mentoring him during the early years of his career.

Wrestling legend Bret Hart was one of the 2021 inductees into Canada’s Walk of Fame as part of the ‘Sports and Athletics’ category in recognition of his decades-long wrestling career. At the ceremony, he was inducted by AEW star and fellow Canadian, Chris Jericho, and wrestling megastar The Rock also provided a special video message for the five-time WWF Champion.

When the official Canada’s Walk of Fame Twitter account thanked the ‘Great One’ for his appearance, he responded to congratulate Hart once again and praised him for his mentorship and guidance.

“My pleasure, Bret Hart was a mentor to me when he didn’t have to be and in our wild and intense world of pro wrestling, there weren’t many “mentorship programs” back then. He gave me guidance and I’ll always be grateful. Congrats my friend on your incredible accomplishment”

This isn’t the first time that the ‘People’s Champion’ has spoken about how much the ‘Excellence of Execution’ helped him in his career. During an interview for his movie, Jungle Cruise, earlier this year, he noticed an interviewer wearing a Bret Hart t-shirt and took some time to explain how good he was to a young Rock.

“One thing before we leave, the t-shirt he’s wearing is a guy who didn’t have to be but was so good to me when I was a rookie professional wrestler and his name is Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. He comes from a very famous wrestling family but at that time he was world champion and there were a lot of guys in that world at that time in 1996 that didn’t necessarily embrace me.

Just when I was a rookie coming in because everyone is hungry for their spots and there’s a lot of sharks in the water. But Bret, he was world champion, he showed me how it’s done. I think [he was welcoming to The Rock] because our families knew each other and he knew I came from a lineage of pro wrestling and that I had a real love and respect for wrestling and he was just a great guy and I always like to give him props where I can.”

At the end of his induction speech, Bret Hart thanked all of the wrestler’s he has worked with and all of his fans.

“Thank you to each and every wrestler I ever worked with. Most of all, thank you to all my fans around the world and across the country. I’m a proud Canadian and thank you for letting me be your hero”

Following the ceremony, he took to Instagram to thank individuals he was unable to due to time constraints.

“What a wild ride it’s been! Thank you again to @cwofame for the honour and my fans across Canada and around the world for making it happen. Special thank you to @chrisjerichofozzy for inducting me and @therock for the kind words. I know you both are busy men, and I greatly appreciate that you did that for me.

While sadly this was cut out of my speech due to time constraints, I do want to say thank you to each and every wrestler I ever worked with.

Thank you to the many Canadian wrestlers that paved the way for me: my father Stu, Gene Kiniski, Abdullah the Butcher, “Killer” Kowalski, “The Stomper”, Ed Carpentier, “Whipper” Watson, Sky Low Low, Rocky Johnson, Pat Patterson, Roddy Piper.

To the many other Canadian wrestlers, some that filled my shoes after my career ended, that someday will deserve this same honour: Chris Jericho, Edge, Trish Stratus, Kevin Owens, Kenny Omega, my niece Natalya, my brother Owen, and so many more.

“If you’re lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.” – John Irving

Thank you and Happy Holidays!”

Canada’s Walk of Fame began in 1998 and there have been 173 inductees since then. Each Canadian honoured recieves a stylised maple-leaf star on a specially designated sidewalk in Toronto.