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Bray Wyatt’s WWE Salary Reportedly Revealed

Bray Wyatt

A new report has appeared to confirm just how much Bray Wyatt was earning prior to leaving WWE in July.

The subject of WWE contracts is back in the news after Kevin Owens signed a new three-year deal that is reportedly worth up to $3 million per-year. While Owens has confirmed that he’s inked a new deal, it has since been reported that Sami Zayn has now followed suit.

Meanwhile a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, has also appeared to lift the lid on Bray Wyatt’s final WWE contract. In the report, Dave Meltzer quotes who he calls a “key player” from within WWE. The source explains that WWE contracts are effectively 90-day rolling deals which only renew at WWE’s discretion.

Bray Wyatt’s final WWE deal is then offered as an example how the company can use this to their advantage. In doing so, they seemingly confirmed that ‘The Fiend’ was earning $4 million per-year, across a five year contract.

“The 2-3 million a year range is so blinding to people, they sign, not realizing it’s a 90 day contract that renews every day at WWE’s sole discretion. It’s how they `got’ Windham Rotunda. He was going to get 3 mil, 3 year term. They went to a 5 year term. He held. They inched up towards 4. He jumped at it. But it’s still a 90 day contract. And with the higher number, it takes less and less to trigger the release.”

It should be noted that Meltzer adds that there were other reasons which played a role in Wyatt’s departure which weren’t linked to money.

Bray Wyatt was released by WWE on July 31st 2021, and despite being linked with promotions such as IMPACT Wrestling and AEW, he has yet to return to the squared circle. However, it has been confirmed that the star will be at WrestleCon in 2022.

It has also been reported that the former Universal Champion is heading to Hollywood with long-time collaborator Jason Baker.