Bray Wyatt Was Set To Return To WWE In September 2023

Bray Wyatt Was Set To Return To WWE In September 2023

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase has recently shared his thoughts on the tragic deaths of Bray Wyatt and Terry Funk, paying tribute to both wrestling icons.

DiBiase revealed that Wyatt was slated to begin a new program in September before his untimely passing. Speaking on his podcast, Everybody’s Got A Pod, DiBiase expressed his sorrow over attending Wyatt’s funeral in Tampa and discussed the plans WWE had in store for the talented wrestler.

Windham was a great kid, he really was. They were just getting ready to go back, they were supposed to start again in September and start up something new. Now he’s gone.

At the funeral, DiBiase briefly spoke with Wyatt’s father and former tag team partner, Mike Rotunda, to offer his condolences. DiBiase also mentioned that Shane McMahon was in attendance, and although he heard rumours of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon‘s presence, he did not personally see them.

I got on a plane, I flew to Tampa, and I went to his funeral. It was sad, it really was. I talked to Mike [Rotunda] briefly, obviously, he was happy I was there, Shane McMahon was there, somebody told me that they saw Stephanie and Triple H and you know, I was like, I don’t know how I would have missed that. I guess anything was possible.

Reflecting on the sombre experience, DiBiase emphasised the sadness surrounding the loss of both Wyatt and Funk, who passed away after battling illness.

Funk, a close friend and mentor to DiBiase, held a special place in his heart. DiBiase regarded Funk as not only a wrestling mentor but also a brother figure, highlighting Funk’s impact on his life.

My relationship with him [Funk], was more of a, not just a wrestling mentor but almost a brother. Terry Funk and his family, and his brother [Dory Funk] as well, they’ve been like a family to me. And I knew he wasn’t doing well, but I wasn’t ready for him to die.

Who Has Paid Tribute To Bray Wyatt?

Many of wrestling’s stars of past and present have paid tribute to the late Bray Wyatt, including the likes of John Cena, Becky Lynch, Erick Rowan and Paul Wight. AEW also paid tribute to the late Bray Wyatt despite him being signed to their rivals, WWE, at the time of his passing.

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