Bray Wyatt Unveils New Look As Pitch Black Match Gives More Questions Than Answers

Bray Wyatt returned as WWE Extreme Rules 2022

Since returning to WWE at Extreme Rules Bray Wyatt has remained as mysterious and illusive as ever.

Wyatt has attempted to reinvent himself and move away from the evil deeds of his past, but it’s a skin he cannot seem to shed. Every time the star seems to make progress he’s thwarted by the mysterious Uncle Howdy. Then in amongst this poorly lit madness, Wyatt has found himself wrapped up in a feud with LA Knight.

Bray Wyatt Scores Bizarre Victory

As the rivalry between Wyatt and Knight progressed it was announced that they would meet in the first-ever Pitch Black Match at the Royal Rumble. The bout a complete mystery until the opening bell sounded.

Much of the arena was descended into darkness, with neon lights lighting up the ring and the two men doing battle inside the illuminated ropes. Wyatt was sporting swathes of glow-in-the-dark paint, while Knight’s glowing yellow gear meant that it was impossible to misplace the former NXT star.

Once the match got going with the Mountain Dew logo taking pride of place in the middle of the ring, the action was over quickly. The two stars brawled to the outside and Knight sent Wyatt crashing through the announce table. However, they were quickly back in the ring and Wyatt scored the win with a Sister Abigail.

Despite this, the action was far from over. Bray Wyatt returned to the corner of the ring and put on a new mask, notably different from his previous masked persona as The Fiend. The star appeared impervious to pain due to his new accessory and battled Knight back up the ramp onto a platform.

After laying out Knight with the Mandible Claw, Wyatt stood back to admire his work as Uncle Howdy appeared on a higher platform. The mysterious figure then launched himself from the platform onto Knight as the pair were surrounded by flames.