Bray Wyatt Addresses Time As ‘The Fiend’ At WWE Crown Jewel 2022

Bray Wyatt talking

At WWE Crown Jewel 2022, Bray Wyatt once again addressed his demons, and was once again interrupted by the mysterious Uncle Howdy. However, for the first time, Wyatt discussed his famous wrestling family and time spent as ‘The Fiend.’

Entering to another huge ovation, Bray Wyatt made his way to the ring with his lantern, clearly with something on his mind.

Bray Wyatt Promises To Rewrite The Ending To His Story

Stood in darkness, Bray Wyatt began by introducing himself, and opened up about his illustrious wrestling family. Wyatt is the grandson of the great Blackjack Mulligan, son of Mike Rotunda, and nephew of Barry and Kendall Windham. His brother Taylor (Bo Dallas) has also enjoyed success with WWE.

Wyatt explained that due to his family all he ever wanted to do was be great, but great was never good enough. He had to be the greatest of them all. This led him to give in the pressure and do what he needed to he thought he needed to do. He made a monster of himself.

During this period he wore his mask with pride, and while he was under the covering, he felt no pain, was no longer afraid, and simply felt untouchable. The former World Champion added that this made him feel good, and some might say that those sensations are hard to quit. However, this feeling came at a price.

Bray Wyatt was left in a “kingdom of nothingness” and on an island by himself. The monster destroyed him, and ran off everyone he loved.

At this the crowd chanted that they loved him, but Wyatt said that people don’t love him, they love the idea of him, and he doesn’t even love himself. After repeating his name over and over again, Wyatt said that he was here to rewrite the ending to his story.

At this, the star was again interrupted on the big screen by the mysterious Uncle Howdy. The figure stated that it must be hard to pretend, but who knows Wyatt better than he? Howdy questioned whether the people would still love him if they knew the truth, commenting that at some point he will go too far and remember how good it feels.

In closing, Howdy challenged Wyatt to tell him that he was wrong.

Earlier in the night Bray Wyatt’s logo flashed onto a screen next to Alexa Bliss as she gave an interview backstage. The graphic left Bliss visibly shaken, and their former partnership was acknowledged on commentary.