Bray Wyatt Set For WWE Return?

Bray Wyatt on the mic

Bray Wyatt remains something of an enigma both inside and outside of the ring.

The star has only wrestled once on television since returning to WWE in October and has continued to deliver a series of mysterious promos. He was also stalked by a strange figure called Uncle Howdy, although they later seemed to get onto the same page.

However, following Elimination Chamber, the star disappeared amid reports that Brock Lesnar had refused to work with him at WrestleMania. Instead, Wyatt was set to face Bobby Lashley. But, before the feud could really get underway, Wyatt was forced to take time off due to an undisclosed illness.

With Wyatt seemingly out of the WrestleMania picture, it has been reported that there are backup plans in place for the All-Mighty. It has been said that these include LA Knight. Lashley had also been added to the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal which is due to take place on Smackdown.

But like most things with Wyatt, it might not be quite that simple.

It has been reported by WRKD Wrestling that fans should expect to see “glitches and QR codes this week.” WWE used a series of QR codes and clues to hype Wyatt’s return back in October.

Bray Wyatt Pictured Looking Happy And Healthy

As his WWE absence continues, Bray Wyatt was recently pictured with a fan looking fit and healthy. This has only added to the speculation that he could be back on television sooner rather than later.