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Bray Wyatt Reportedly “Difficult” & Had “Weight Issues” Prior To WWE Release

The Fiend Bray Wyatt holding his face

A new report has attempted to shed more light on the departure of Bray Wyatt from WWE and says the former WWE Champion was being “difficult.”

The wrestling world was stunned when Bray Wyatt was released on his WWE contract on July 31st, 2021 bringing his relationship with the company that had lasted over a decade to an end.

As The Fiend, Wyatt had competed at WrestleMania 37 in what turned out to be his final WWE match against Randy Orton. The next night on Raw Bray Wyatt appeared in his final Firefly Funhouse segment and he has not been seen on TV since.

Andrew Zarian of The Mat Men podcast has now reported that he has found out more about Wyatt’s WWE release and the reason might not have solely been down to budget concerns:

“Bray was being difficult. I’m going to fill in a lot and I’m not going to quote here. I have the quote but I don’t want to quote it. He was a little difficult, he had some performance issues in the ring, and he had some weight issues.”

“I’m not saying that that’s a reason, but you kind of piece things together as to things when you evaluate a talent and you go OK, we need this and we need that and here’s the plan moving forward… You need someone, sometimes the decision is easier to make if you make it more difficult for them to make that decision.”

Zarian continued:

“There’s so many different variables, and there was no one reason by the way. Financial, yes, there was a financial issue, [but] there were plenty of other scenarios here. I don’t think he was happy, and I would tell you that these decisions are not cut and dry. The whole thing of ‘It’s a money thing and that’s it.’”

“Obviously they are going to say that, that will be the public answer. Because most likely it did play a part with money because you can only like a guy so much when you are losing money. I’m not saying that they were losing money, but I am just putting it out there like that. There were numerous reasons, not one.”

AEW President Tony Khan has recently discussed the speculation surrounding Bray Wyatt’s wrestling future and a potential career in AEW.

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